Stewart: Pine Was Brilliant!

Patrick Stewart, who is appearing in Waiting for Godot, took time out from his busy schedule to go and see Star Trek XI.

As reported by The Yorkshire Post, Stewart took a few family members along to see the latest Star Trek movie. “”Yesterday, I took my grandchildren to see the new Star Trek movie,” he said. “There were three movie trailers, one for the new Terminator movie, one for the new Harry Potter and one for a Pixar animated movie. All the trailers sounded and looked the same, full of standardized levels of noise, violence and special effects and I thought, ‘My God, nothing would attract me to any of these.'” “I love animated movies,” Stewart continued. ” and I especially love Pixar but I weary of standardization. I don’t know what’s happened…but I better not go on, you never know, they might want to cast me in one of them.”

Star Trek XI was given the thumbs up by Stewart. “I loved it,” he raved. “I absolutely loved it. It was a very, very odd experience to be in the cinema watching a new Star Trek movie that I wasn’t in. Not only that, but with the exception of Leonard Nimoy I didn’t know any of the cast…but, it’s Star Trek. They’ve taken some quite innovative decisions but it’s absolutely essential, right down the middle Star Trek. I got a great kick out of it.”

Stewart had praise for Chris Pine, who also plays a Starfleet captain. “He’s brilliant,” said Stewart. “He is charming, truthful, funny and utterly delightful.”

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