Star Trek XI Now Biggest Trek Movie

Adjusted for inflation, Star Trek XI has now pulled ahead of the next highest grossing Star Trek film.

As reported by Airlock Alpha, Tuesday’s domestic take of &_#36;538,205 was enough to catapult Star Trek XI over Star Trek: The Motion Picture, to take the title of the original highest grossing Star Trek film. Star Trek: The Motion Picture earned &_#36;82.3 million in 1979, which would equate to about &_#36;240.9 million today. Star Trek XI‘s domestic earnings stand at &_#36;241,361,911 as of yesterday.

Star Trek XI is expected to conclude its run earning almost &_#36;250 million dollars in domestic sales, far surpassing the last Star Trek movie (Star Trek: Nemesis) which earned &_#36;43.1 million back in 2002.

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