Star Trek XI: Breaking Down Walls

Star Trek fans might have enjoyed the shows, movies and literature of their favorite series, but outsiders felt excluded from this world of Star Trek by the fans themselves.

As reported by, people like Chris Pine felt excluded from the world of Star Trek. “I never wanted to watch Star Trek because I always felt alienated from Star Trek,” he said. “I always felt it was not my world. It was the fans’ world. The fans had built this kind of impenetrable wall around their beloved series.” With the release of Star Trek XI, Pine feels that has now changed. “J.J.’s come in and broken that wall down a little bit, and I’m hopeful Star Trek will be open to a whole new generation of fans,” he said. “Different types of people who never felt they would be fans.”

Gene Roddenberry‘s son Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry agreed that Star Trek needed to be opened up, but for a different reason. “If you look at it from a business point of view, you want to bring in that whole new audience,” he said. “You have to strike a balance, and I think J.J. did a damn good job at that.”

For Leonard Nimoy, it was more a matter of revitalizing a franchise that seemed to be moribund. “After the first film, I felt that Star Trek was a beached whale, and the second movie put it back in the water,” he said. “This film hopefully will do the same thing.”

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