Star Trek Online Screenshots And Ask Cryptic

Three new screenshots for Star Trek: Online and a new “Ask Cryptic” post, where questions asked to the development team are answered, has also been added to the Star Trek: Online website.

As reported by Star Trek: Online, three new screenshots went online recently for the Star Trek: Online MMORPG game.
The first screenshot, “Be careful where yo fly in this part of the galaxy,” features a Cardassian ship sailing past a large planet.

The second screenshot features a Klingon/Federation shootout on a desert planet.

The final screenshot, “A group flanks a dangerous adversary,” shows a triple-legged alien being shot at by a group of what may be Cardassians.

The new screenshots can be seen here.

The eleventh volume of “Ask Cryptic” was recently posted, with questions asked about topics including spontaneous missions, ship classes, cloaking issues and more.

Star Trek is about exploration,” developers answered when asked if there would be missions that came up spontaneously. “You’ll be going out to space and exploring the galaxy, and you’ll be going to points of interest. You’ll see nebulas, you’ll see ships in distress, you’ll see planets and other anomalies. You’ll uncover missions and mysteries along the way. And yes, Starfleet will contact you as you traverse space.”

Another fan wanted to know if fans would be able to command older ships such as the “Connie refit.” “First of all, the Constitution is in-game and playable,” answered the developers. “It’s an older ship, so it’s no match for a Galaxy class ship, but it’s in there. You’ll be able to command older ships, but as you get access to bigger ships like the Galaxy and the Sovereign classes, the Constitution will be outperformed.”

To read more, head to the article located here.

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