Star Trek: Online Reconnaissance Photo

A reconnaissance photo and briefing to the Klingon Empire has been posted at Star Trek: Online.

As reported by Star Trek: Online,the history of the post-Star Trek: Nemesis on Star Trek: Online now includes a briefing to the Klingon Empire regarding a new Romulan threat.The briefing is addressed to “Martok, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire and leader of the High Council,” and originates from Quen of Klingon intelligence. In the briefing, events of Star Trek XI are referenced, where Nero and the Narada destroyed numerous Klingon ships.

“Chancellor, I regret to inform you of the loss of the choS Battle Group,” says the briefing. “The crews fought with honor, sacrificing everything to send back to us intelligence about a new threat to the Empire.”

Quen includes a photo of the ship that decimated the battle group. “The image included in this missive is of the ship that destroyed the battle group,” he explained. “We know little about this starship other than that, and what we do know is due to the heroic actions of Captain D’rakal and his crew. They died well, and I honor them.”

The Klingons wanted to know how Romulans obtained the advanced technology and the briefing gives details on their search for the source and what happened when they found it.

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