Star Trek: Online – Developer Chat Transcript

Fans of the forthcoming Star Trek: Online MMORPG game were able to get answers to specific questions on some of the game capabilities available for players.

As reported by Star Trek: Online, questions answered by the developers included topics on ship movement (including fueling needs and energy consumption,) and combat (including tactical issues.) Players will have to be mindful of power allocation when it comes to their ships. “Your speed and turning rates are directly tied to the amount of power that you’ve allocated for those systems,” said CrypticZinc. “You put more energy into engines, and you move faster. You put more towards the auxiliary and you turn quicker (Amongst other things.)

Another poster wanted to know if warp could be engaged while a ship was in combat. “No. No warp in combat,” said CrypticZinc. “I know that combat takes place in warp sometimes in the shows and movies. We wanted to be able to give you a sense of place and positioning in combat, I can only theoretically imagine what combat at warp would look like.”

Part of the reason for the lack of ability to warp away while in combat is to keep escape from being too easy. “We’re trying to balance the combat so that, if you get in over your head (like I sometimes do when I didn’t expect the cloaked birds of prey) you can still run away,” explained CrypticZinc. “Escape should be easy, but not game-able.”

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