Ships Of The Line Sneak Peek

Doug Drexler has posted some of the beautiful images that will be forthcoming in the 2010 Ships of the Line calendar.

As reported at Drex Files, Pocket Books’ Margaret Clark gave the go-ahead for Drexler to give fans a peek at what will be in next year’s Ships of The Line calendar.Included are photos of: a spacedock scene including the Enterprise NCC-1701; “Operation Return” which features a Star Trek Deep Space Nine scenario complete with the USS Defiant, Cardassian and Jem’Hadar ships; A shot of a Romulan Warbird titled “Refit at Station Gray;” and a shot of a shuttle on the flight deck of a starship.

One of Drexler’s own creations is also included in the preview. This design shows the USS Enterprise 1701 (“No Bloody A,B,C or D.”)

To see the images, head to the blog located here.

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