Shatner: I Had Hoped To Be Amusing

Before appearing on The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien several nights ago, William Shatner thought that his travel stories would fill the short time he had to interact with O’Brien before O’Brien went on to promote Shatner’s various projects.

As reported by The Shatner Project, it wasn’t the travel stories that grabbed entertainment headlines, but his lack of ability to do a Vulcan salute, followed by Shatner’s own very human “salute” back at O’Brien, as reported here recently.“I’ve been cross-country many times and many ways and I thought it would be amusing to riff on some of the ways that I gotten across the country and various adventures that have happened,” explained Shatner, right before his appearance on the show. “So I hope that will be amusing enough to fill the ten minutes that I’ve got.”

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