Pine: Seeking Out Challenging Roles

Although he cracked People Magazine‘s top three “Hottest Bachelors” list, Chris Pine wants roles that are more than just a showcase for his good looks.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, while there is nothing wrong with the publicity that being one of the “Hottest Bachelors” brings, Pine is actively seeking out interesting roles. “I’m going to struggle and try my best to search out the roles that are a little more interesting and not based on how good your tan looks and how coiffed your hair is,” he said.
“There’s a battle between commerce and art that I’m learning that doesn’t necessarily have to prevent you from pursuing more artistic ventures, as long as you utilize your commerce, knowing you’re using it to get more opportunities to do the smaller pet projects,” explained Pine. “I’m so new at it, I’m just learning to navigate the waters.”

Pine is set to appear in Farragut North, a political drama starring Pine and Chris Noth (Sex and the City), which opens this Wednesday. Pine will portray Stephen, a wunderkind press secretary who prides himself on the ability to manipulate any situation.

Why did Pine take the dark, low-profile stage role? “I was in a hotel room with my girlfriend at the time,” he explained, “and I had a bunch of scripts to read; film and theater,and I saved it for last because I’d heard it was really good, and I wanted to end my night on a good note, being excited. I couldn’t put it down. The twist at the end completely threw me. I thought Beau’s sense of dialogue was so right on and so, I don’t want to say real, because that’s dumb, but real without being affected, and intelligent, but not so intelligent to make you feel like a dumbass. And I’m very interested in the world of politics, so it appealed to me on that end.”

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