Pine-Saldana Chemistry

Although Zoe Saldana‘s character preferred Mr. Spock to James T. Kirk in Star Trek XI, Saldana admitted to chemistry between Chris Pine and herself.

As reported by, “It was wonderful,” gushed Saldana. “Chris, by far, just blew me away in terms of his confidence and how he was able to jump from one thing to another…And those blue eyes of his, for the love of God…! The chemistry was there.” Saldana is currently dating actor Keith Britton.

Pine agrees that they two had a mutual attraction. “If you’re stuck in space and there is a beautiful woman on deck, that certainly doesn’t mean your libido is going to die,” he said. “[Saldana is] strong woman who knows how to handle herself around men. She’s a perfect combination of beauty and brains and great talent and we had a grand old time together.”

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