Pegg: Star Trek XII Less Than Two Years Away?

Simon Pegg spoke recently about the sequel to Star Trek XI as well as his life since the movie was released.

As reported by and, according to Pegg, fans might see Star Trek XII a year and a half from now. “I know the writers are busy thinking about it,” he said. “I don’t really know anything about the story, or if I’m in a bigger role, but I’d imagine we’ll be back this time next year. That’s not official, but I reckon it’s probably about eighteen months away from being in the cinema.”Now that Star Trek XI has proven to be a success, Pegg find that he is recognized more when he goes out. “The normal people who come up to me are usually nice and polite,” he explained. “Things do change and you find it hard to operate in the way that perhaps you used to, even in L.A. for me it is different from how what it was before. But you just adapt. It’s not necessarily a positive thing. It means you have to make decisions about where you go, like at home, I can’t walk into a pub any more without getting stared at and certainly I can’t go in to a pub with Nick [Frost] because we are seen as the ‘complete set’! But that’s par for the course. It’s just something you have to take on board when you get into this game.”

Speaking of L.A., would Pegg ever consider relocating there? “I like L.A.,” said Pegg. “It gets a bad rap. It is very easy to knock, because there are elements to it that are facile and it is very image-driven but it is also a very creative place, very friendly and a relaxed place in most areas. And the weather is beautiful and everyone is very polite…But I love London, and I miss it. I’m looking forward to going back and working on something small after we finish Paul. My family and friends are there and as a writer you want to be around what you know best…It’s really odd at the moment, because I am working in New Mexico and coming back to L.A. at weekends, so my wife is here and I say, ‘I’ll be home tomorrow’ but L.A. is not my home. London is, so it’s weird. I feel as though I am living in three places all at once!”

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