Kurtzman And Orci On Trek Sequel, Online Fans

With a successful Star Trek movie behind them, the co-writers of Star Trek XI look to the next film.

As reported by Collider.com, now that they know that Star Trek XI is a success, co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci feel the pressure of trying to duplicate the success of Star Trek XI. “We’re trying to do exactly what we did on the first one,” said Orci, “and really find it from a place of passion and love and fun.” According to Orci, preparation for Star Trek XII includes gauging fan reaction. “Another thing we are doing is reading what all the fans are saying online,” he said. “We are kind of checking out their reactions.”

The duo hope to have a script by Christmas, but first a director for Star Trek XII has to be signed. “If J.J. [Abrams] directs the movie, then it’ll happen on a certain time period,” said Kurtzman. “If it’s somebody else it’ll happen on a different time period. So right now everyone is trying to figure that out. We’d love to have a script by Christmas but a lot of that is going to be dependent upon a lot of factors…If we can make it by Christmas, great. And if we feel like, you know what, we just need more time, then we’ll need to take more time. Because I think we all feel that we, this is a very precious baby to us, Star Trek, and we don’t want to drop it.”

Kurtzman spoke about the possibility of J.J. Abrams returning to direct Star Trek XII. “I think the only pressure that he [Abrams] is feeling and that we’re all feeling is that the studio would like the movie to come out as soon as possible. So the question just becomes…do you want to do that or not, and he’s right as a director to wait until he feels that we either have broken the right idea or he sees the script.”

The writers must also decide who the potential villain will be or what the heroes must overcome in Star Trek XII. “Two things,” said Orci. “One is, we have had questions about the debate sort of between the exploration sci-fi plot where the unknown and nature itself is somehow an adversary, or the villain model. So that’s an active discussion we’re having right now.”

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