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Chris Pine Explains Kirk, has posted a video of Chris Pine, where he talks about playing James T. Kirk.

“James Kirk is everything you’d want to be,” he said, listing all of Kirk’s personality traits. “The process of the movie is how is this guy going to take all of this disparate energies and kind of mold them into the form of a Captain?”

Smith a Pine Fan

Director Kevin Smith credits Star Trek XI‘s success to Chris Pine, as reported by MTV, “I think what makes that movie work chiefly, aside from, of course, the talents who all came together behind it, is Chris Pine,” he said. “That dude is astounding. To be able to invoke Kirk without doing a Shatner impression? That performance was so electric and so wonderful to watch. That dude is an instant movie star. That dude is gonna work forever. He’s so good and effortless in his delivery”

Cho Talks Sulu

As reported by BlackBook, getting out of the bridge chair was satisfying for John Cho. “I was excited about that,” he said. “If I had one small complaint about the original series I wanted to see my man get out of the chair, beam down, mix it up and get into some tussles. That’s exactly what Sulu does in this movie, and I was really thrilled when I read it. It was a revelation.”

Cho had to learn some martial arts to prepare for his fight with some of Nero’s Romulans. “Ironically, I have spent my career trying to avoid martial arts parts because I thought that my time would be better served doing things that people didn’t expect from Asians,” he said. “Come to find I really enjoyed myself. I started from ground zero. I learned Tae Kwon Do. The stunt guys are brilliant. They really tailor our movements to our characters.”

Spock: Reflections

Spock: Reflections, a comics miniseries produced by IDW Publishing, will debut in July. This new series of comics is a follow-up to Star Trek: Countdown, but will be set prior to that series in the original timeline. Spock: Reflections will explain why Spock ended up on Romulus.

Several examples of artwork from the forthcoming comic have been posted at

Star Trek Parody Comic

Speaking of comics, a new parody comic series has begun at

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