Star Trek XI Earnings, Shatner Sells, Rossi on Star Trek XI

Star Trek XI Profits Soar

As reported by Variety, Star Trek XI has earned &_#36;76.5 million dollars in the U.S. as of Sunday morning and &_#36;35.5 million overseas. The film was the number one film for the weekend.

Overseas, the movie did best in the U.K., where it earned &_#36;8.8 million. In Germany, Star Trek XI raked in &_#36;4.6 million. Sales for Australia over the weekend added up to &_#36;3.4 million.

J.J. Abrams did everything we could have asked for in re-energizing this franchise and making a fantastic movie for everyone,” said Rob Moore of Paramount.

Shatner Sells Invitation

William Shatner put his Star Trek XI premiere invitation up for sale, but fear not, it’s for a good cause. All of the proceeds from the sale, located here, will go to the Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

Included is a two-piece invitation plus the mailing envelope. The mailing envelope has been signed by Shatner on the reverse and a special Star Trek stamp is on the front of the envelope.

A certificate of authenticity will be provided. Fans have until May 16 to bid on this one-of-a-kind auction.

Rossi on Star Trek XI

Those with some extra time on their hands might want to check out the latest podcast from Zero Room. In a two-hour podcast, Dave Rossi (Star Trek: Enterprise associate producer, original series remastered producer) discusses Star Trek XI. Hear Rossi talk about the good, the bad, and those water tubes down in Engineering.

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