Star Trek XI Scenes Not Seen

Star Trek XI Co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had written a scene for William Shatner, but the scene was deleted during rewrites.

As reported by Io9, details of the scene were provided by Orci and Kurtzman. “We wrote it, it was in the script,” said Orci. “[It was] the very last scene when Spock and Spock meet each other, finally,” explained Kurtzman. “And elder Spock is convincing young Spock that he couldn’t interfere, because it would have diverted [Kirk and Spock] away from their friendship. And that their friendship is the key to the whole sort of shebang.”

A special message from older Kirk to older Spock would have been given to the younger Kirk, to prove that they had been close friends. The message would have been in the form of a hologram that projected Kirk as played by Shatner.

Other scenes not formerly mentioned having been cut either in the script or after being filmed include a scene of Spock playing the Vulcan lute and a young love Kirk moment, which according to Orci “[was] this whole Forrest Gump, young Kirk growing up near Carol Marcus, thing.”

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