Quinto On Deleted Scenes

While most of Zachary Quinto‘s scenes made it into the Star Trek XI, some other actors weren’t so fortunate.

As reported by Sci Fi Wire, cuts involving Quinto’s work were mostly in the nature of shortening scenes. “There are other versions, there are longer versions, of scenes,” said Quinto. “Like, for example, the debate between Kirk and Spock when he gets called out for cheating on the test. That was a much longer sequence, and Chris [Pine] and I both really loved that process, shooting that scene. So I was like, ‘Oh, well, that’s really whittled away a little bit.'”Quinto realized that this was in aid of making a better movie. “But … the great thing about J.J. [Abrams,] is he’s really willing to kill his darlings,” explained Quinto. “He’s not precious, and if something isn’t moving the story forward, I mean, he’s very story-driven, and it’s because he has such a foundation of character and attention to the details of these characters that he’s able to just really push the story forward, because the characters are already there. And I think that was an example of, we didn’t need all the repetition of the scene, we didn’t need everything we shot.”

One of the victims of scene cuts was Winona Ryder (Amanda Grayson.) “There’s a few scenes that Winona had, a lot of work that ended up on the cutting-room floor unfortunately,” said Quinto. “There’s some great stuff between her and Sarek. There’s actually Spock’s birth, that, you know, paralleled Kirk’s birth. Originally, the structure of the movie was Kirk’s birth, Spock’s birth, Kirk’s childhood, Spock’s childhood: Kirk’s childhood with the car, stealing the car, that was a whole long sequence.”

“But, you know, hopefully it’ll end up on the DVD or something like that,” said Quinto.

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