Pine OK With Fan Response

Chris Pine can handle fan reaction to Star Trek XI, whether the fans like or dislike the direction in which the franchise has gone.

As reported by, Pine is aware that some fans may prefer the way that William Shatner portrayed Kirk. “I’m sure some people will like what I did,” he said. “Some people won’t. Some people will think the Kirk that they see is not their Kirk, and if that’s the case, that’s the case. The story and the message is so wonderful and positive, why not share it with a whole bunch of different people?”

Deviating from Star Trek canon may offend some, but that was necessary to entice new fans. “If that means altering certain things in the tradition, the story line, the legacy, so be it,” said Pine. “If that offends some people, so be it. But I really do think what we’ve made is very accessible.”

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