Official Star Trek Movie Site Update

New material has been added to the official Star Trek XI movie site, including additional dossiers, information on cast and crew, information on company partners along with their contests and promotions, and a new Games section.

As seen at The Official Star Trek XI website, the site has been updated and there are plenty of goodies being offered to fans; including photos, wallpapers, movie clips, games, music and biographical information.There are nine sections to which one can go to find information and such on the actors, crew and movie. Starting at the Home page, a new addition is music player which features music from theoriginal Star Trek XI soundtrack. There is also a feature where can plug in their zip codes to find out where Star Trek XI will be showing in their area.

In the Video section, fans can easily find most of the trailers and commercials for Star Trek XI all in one place. There are three movie trailers, eight TV spots and seven clips from Star Trek XI in this section.

The Gallery section offers over thirty different photos from the movie, mostly shots of the actors.

In the new About section, biographical information can be found on the cast and crew of Star Trek XI. There are twelve biographies on the Star Trek XI actors, and twelve biographies featuring Star Trek XI crew. In addition, there are twelve separate biographical notes, which cover: Back to the Final Frontier; Inside Trek: The Screenplay; The Maiden Crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise; Starfleet Academy for Actors; Lights, Camera, Cosmos; Take it to the Bridge; Mining the Darkness: The Narada; Icebound on Delta Vega; The Drill Platform; Riding the Pipeline: Beer Factory Becomes Engine Room; Red Shirts to Space-Diving Suits: The Costumes; At Warp Speed: Pushing the Visual Scope of Star Trek.

In the Downloads section, fans can find wallpapers, buddy icons, and a link to the Star Trek Homepage Fan Kit.

The Panoramas section of the website offers four three-hundred-and-sixty degree panoramas of Enterprise areas, including two corridors,

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