Nimoy: Spock Prime’s Place In Star Trek XI

For both Spock and Leonard Nimoy, aging has brought a balance between logic and emotion.

As reported by, Nimoy explained the differences in Star Trek XI‘s Spock and Spock from the original series. “The aspect of Spock that I played in this movie is much more resolved,” explained Nimoy, “The issue of a balance between logic and emotion is resolved for him as it has been for me in my own personal life.”Experienced in dealing with life, Nimoy brought that comfort level to his portrayal of Spock prime. “I know by instinct now that how to deal with crises, personal situations, whatever that arises, and I think that was the spot that I play in this movie, so I felt very comfortable doing that in the movie,” said Nimoy. “It’s very different from the Spock that Zachary plays in the movie and very different from the Spock that I played in the series and films.”

According to Nimoy, Zachary Quinto successfully shows the origins of Spock. “I think it’s pretty clear that Zachary’s performance and my performance bookend the character that was created in the original series and the original movies,” said Nimoy. “What he’s doing in this movie successfully shows us that the origins of the Spock character, the struggles of the Spock character, to find his own personal, psychological design, the philosophy that he’s going to live by.”

By the end of the movie, Quinto’s Spock has reached the point in his life where Spock was when he began to portray the Vulcan. “And then, at the end of this movie, coming to the point when I think this is a seamless connection between what he’s doing and what I was doing with the original series,” said Nimoy.

For Nimoy, playing Spock again was easy because of the similarities between the character’s place in life and Nimoy’s own. “…in my case, I think I am much closer in this movie to my own personal life right now, so it’s not much of a stretch for me to be playing that aspect of the Spock character in this movie. I think that’s the best way to describe it.”

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