Kurtzman And Orci: Creating The Star Trek Story

Star Trek XI Co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci explain the reasoning behind some of the events in Star Trek XI. (Spoilers)

As seen at Firstshowing.net, the two writers chose a solution that gave them more room to write a story, unhampered by forty years of Trek history. “Our solution frees us from canon and allows many more sequels in which you don’t have to be bound,” explained Orci.
Kurtzman spoke the themes of Star Trek XI. “Destiny and fate are bringing these people together, even in a different timeline,” he said.

The character of Nero was partly inspired by Khan. Both Khan and Nero believed that someone (Kirk and Spock respectively) destroyed their lives, and each turned to revenge as a result of their anger.

One of the most important things for the writing pair was to get Leonard Nimoy on board for Star Trek XI. Kurtzman and Orci were surprised by Nimoy’s emotional response to their pitch. “He definitely came into the meeting appropriately skeptical,” said Kurtzman. After giving their pitch, said Kurtzman, “We all looked at each other and…and then after that, he was very quiet…and he started welling up and he said ‘You have to understand, this is very emotional for me. I haven’t considered doing this. I mean, I’ve been asked and I’ve said no.’ He was responding emotionally to a lot of the ideas we were having…He was very surprised, I think; he was taken aback.

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