JumpCon Founder Bankrupt

JumpCon fans have been left in the lurch as JumpCon founder Shane Senter has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, submitting the paperwork last Wednesday.

As reported by Airlock Alpha, this is the worst-case scenario for fans who pre-paid for tickets to attend the Boston JumpCon last July, which ended up being canceled. Instead of filing bankruptcy under his JumpCon LLC business, Senter elected to file using his travel agency business, the New Hampshire Travel Agency. A list of creditors provided include charges incurred from the failed JumpCon convention.

With a Chapter 7 filing, whatever assets remain are used to cover liabilities. In the case of JumpCon, the liabilities are between one and ten million dollars, but the assets are estimated at only ten-thousand dollars.

To read more, including details as to amounts owed to guest stars, head to the article located here.

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