Greenwood Talks Trek

Star Trek XI is a bridge between the old and the new, according to Bruce Greenwood (Captain Pike.)

As reported by, having reverence for Star Trek doesn’t mean one can’t put forth something new, but there was tension between that reverence and the need to add fresh material. “[Star Trek XI] is a bridge between the old and the new, but…there is a lot of tension there,” said Greenwood.
Getting it right was important, because “What’s at stake is the destiny of these characters,” said Greenwood. “You see the relationship [between Kirk and Spock] develop, and there’s a very, very distinct arc.”

When reviewing old episodes of Star Trek, Greenwood found that Star Trek had depths to it that he hasn’t realized before. “On a writing level, they were interested in carrying forward these classical themes, which pervade the entire series,” he said. “And I didn’t realize that until I went back and looked at the episodes for homework. I thought it was just about pretty girls.”

“The scripts were about contemporary issues that weren’t being addressed anywhere else at the time,” said Greenwood. “Talking to Leonard Nimoy, he says that was the thing that drove him to want to do the series. They were kind of creating characters on the fly, but their serious intentions were clear. So I feel a lot of responsibility [with Captain Pike], to give him more depth.”

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