Burger King Star Trek XI Promotion

Star Trek fans young and old will be able to collect Star Trek XI toys and drinking glasses starting on Monday.

As reported by TrekMovie.com, four collectible glasses are set to make their debut. The glasses feature: Kirk and the Enterprise, Uhura and the Enterprise, Nero and the Narada, and Spock (both Spocks) and the Jellyfish ship. Each glass comes in a box which features a ship and a checklist on the box.The kiddies won’t be left out, as Star Trek toys will be included in each Burger King Kid’s Meal. There will be four toys offered each week for four weeks. Eight of the toys feature Star Trek characters in “super deformed” style, and each character has sound effects. The other eight toys include: a communicator, tricorder, Enterprise, Jellyfish, Kelvin, shuttle, Warbird and a hoverbike. Each toy comes with a small booklet describing the line of toys.

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