Abrams, Pine And Quinto On Star Trek XI Security

Trying to keep details of Star Trek XI from leaking out to eager fans was sometimes a real nuisance for the cast and crew and made even mundane chores like going to the restroom tricky.

As reported by Matt’s Movie Reviews, J.J. Abrams had good reason for insisting on the secrecy surrounding Star Trek XI while it was in production. “I wrote this script for Superman years ago,” he explained, “and it ended up being reviewed online, and it was a work in progress, not a completed script, and it was decimated! And the reaction was a really interesting thing, since it was one of things that it happened in a way that on the one hand I was, like, horrified. But on the other hand it was very educational.”For the actors, it meant elaborate preparations just to engage in normal human activity. “It was kind of a pain in the ass,” explained Chris Pine. “There was one (day where) I had to go to the bathroom, so bad, but the first A.D. would not let me go out, because it required a lot of preparation. So I finally said ‘screw it!’ ran outside without my cloak and dagger, and peed against the wall! I think it’s fine, I am relieved, I had to go so I can finish the day. And the next day, when I’m getting ready at like 5am, the FBI knocks on my door. And they ask: ‘Did you hear about the pictures?’ Some guy had a telephoto lens, 200 yards away, like delta force recon, or something.”

Zachary Quinto found out how eager fans were to get pictures or information when photos of scenes shot one day appeared online the very same day. “I remember my first day we shot at a cemetery around thirty miles out of L.A., a thirty-five to forty-minute drive without traffic,” he said. “So it is a commitment to get there. We were shooting in a chapel that had a big bay window. And we had been given these (coats) to wear over our costumes, when we were walking from our trailers to set. And before the end of the day, J.J. came to me with his phone, and showed me a picture of us, in that room that we were standing in that moment, that had been taken earlier in that day, that was already online.”

So the next day when we showed up, (the coat) changed to a floor length, fire man jacket with a hood. And we had to get into golf carts immediately from our trailers, and get zipped into these tarps. We called them the Pope mobile. All of our base camps, where ever we went, were surrounded by obscure fencing. (But) We understood it, because there is this insidious and insatiable desire for people to have information, now!”

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