Abrams’ Good Day New York Appearance

Appearing on Good Day, New York this morning, Star Trek XI Director J.J. Abrams explained the appeal of Star Trek XI and gave his opinion of William Shatner‘s displeasure in being left out of the movie.

As reported by Redlasso.com, not only did Abrams want to make a movie that the non-Star Trek fans would get, but he wanted to make a fun movie. “My concern was to try to make a movie that you didn’t have to be a Star Trek fan to see,” he said, “that would be the kind of the ride at the amusement park that you have to go on. I just wanted to make a big, fun movie.”According to Abrams, Star Trek is more than futuristic gadgets. “It wasn’t about the gadgetry,” he said. “It wasn’t about the gimmicks. It wasn’t about the science. It was about the characters. That to me is the key to the whole movie and what I fell in love with when I read the script.”

One of those characters was the charismatic Captain Kirk. When Chris Pine first appeared, Abrams wasn’t so sure about him as Kirk, but he soon realized that Pine had “that cocky kind of swagger but he’s also incredibly vulnerable and relatable.”

As for the man who originally played Captain Kirk? “[Shatner]’s very funny,” said Abrams. “I think he’s making a little bit more of this than he…I don’t he really is so hurt, I think he was sort of just…we’ve laughed about this, I think he’s just sort having some fun too.”

To see the video, head here.

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