Yelchin On Meeting Koenig

While filming Star Trek XI, Anton Yelchin met Walter Koenig, who shared his thoughts on the cast of the original series.

As reported by Comic Book Resources, Yelchin was nervous when Koenig visited the set during filming of Star Trek XI. “Walter came on set, actually, wearing a Mickey Mouse jacket,” said Yelchin. “We talked and thankfully it was after I shot everything because I was paranoid as all hell that he was going to come and hate it.”Fortunately for Yelchin, Koenig was OK with his portrayal of the character made famous by Koenig. “But he came on set and he really enjoyed it,” said Yelchin.” He’s pleased with the character. He said it sounded like him. He said it embodied what he did and he was very complementary. I was really touched that he even came to set and that he was interested.”

Yelchin wanted more than advice on how to play Chekov from Koenig. “Also, I just bugged him for all those little things about the cast,” said Yelchin. “He told me some interesting things. He spoke very highly of Leonard Nimoy and told me some fascinating things about William Shatner. He just basically told me how well the crew got along. But he spoke very, very highly of Leonard Nimoy.”

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