Willie Nelson To Join Shatner For Charity

William Shatner will perform a risky equestrian trick to help raise money for special-needs children in Los Angeles in his annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

As reported by NBC Los Angeles, the horse-riding trick is “kind of scary.” The seventy-eight-year old Shatner, riding his own horse, will ride at full gallop towards a wall, and stop suddenly just before hitting the barrier.Joining Shatner at the Hollywood Charity Horse Show will be country singer Willie Nelson. The charity event will be held at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center on April 25th and will benefit a number of charities, including “Ahead With Horses,” a charity that provides equestrian children for autistic children, the “Camp Max Strauss Foundation,” which offers two-week camping experiences to children, and other charities which help to provide medical procedures for children who couldn’t otherwise afford the procedures.

According to Shatner, the event, in its nineteenth year, has been able to help thousands of young people “thanks to the support we receive from our generous sponsors and attendees. We are so fortunate to have the great talent of Willie Nelson for entertainment. He is really terrific and generous with his time and energy.”

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