Thumbs Up For Star Trek XI

Early reviews are coming in, and Star Trek XI is generating both excitement and positive reviews ahead of its May 8th general release.

The most recent review, from The Hollywood Reporter, claimed that “Putting a much-loved but over-the-hill vehicle back in shape takes more than a new battery and a lick of paint. It demands a full-bore refit.” According to reviewer Ray Bennett, “that’s exactly what J.J. Abrams has given Star Trek. J.J. Abrams gives the Starship Enterprise all it’s got, and it’s more than enough.”

Note that clicking through to the actual reviews will reveal spoilers.

Hollywood Reporter ReviewThe UK’s Daily Mail reviewer was dubious about the movie at first. “Like many people, I yawned at the thought of yet another attempt to breathe life into a series that seemed finished, after the pompous, pointless and all too aptly named Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002,” said Chris Tookey.

But Tookey soon realized that “J.J. Abrams had come up with a tremendous idea, inspired no doubt by the success of Batman Begins and Casino Royale, both of which had reinvigorated tired franchises by recasting and going back to basics.”

By the end of the movie, Tookey was won over by Abrams’ reboot. “The result is not only by far the best of the eleven Star Trek movies, it must rank as the outstanding prequel of all time.”

Daily Mail Review

Variety is certain that sci-fi fans will be pleased with Star Trek XI. “Blasting onto the screen at warp speed and remaining there for two hours, the new and improved Star Trek will transport fans to sci-fi nirvana, said reviewer Todd McCarthy. “Faithful enough to the spirit and key particulars of Gene Roddenberry‘s original conception to keep its torchbearers happy but, more crucially, exciting on its own terms in a way that makes familiarity with the franchise irrelevant, J.J. Abrams’ smart and breathless space adventure feels like a summer blockbuster that just couldn’t stay in the box another month. Paramount won’t need any economic stimulus package with all the money it’ll rake in with this one globally, and a follow-up won’t arrive soon enough.”

Variety Review

And finally, thus far has all positive reviews, although the actual number of reviews available is limited. “”The most exhilarating Trek to date marks a new future for Kirk and co. If this can boldly go on to seek out ideas to match its speed and style, a franchise is reborn,” said Colin Kennedy of Empire Magazine.

Joshua Tyler of found Star Trek XI to be “Easily the best Trek movie since The Wrath of Khan, and a veritable feast of sight and sound.

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