Tahir: Comparisons To Kirk

Unlike some captains portrayed in various Star Trek episodes and movies, those of Star Trek XI compare favorably to the original series version of Captain Kirk.

As reported by Sci Fi Wire, Faran Tahir‘s Captain Robau is no effete captain filing his nails in his quarters, but a tough and competent captain who is worthy of the seasoned Captain James T. Kirk of the original series.

“…in most of the movies, the other captains have been slightly softer-looking,” said Tahir. “Like [it] didn’t seem like they were, compared to Captain Kirk.”

But in Star Trek XI, this is not the case. “This time they’ve found people who actually, for some reason, I mean, I’m hoping that people can see that they’re, this is, it’s a competent world, which is not just about Captain Kirk. Of course the story revolves around that story, but as a universe, it’s a competent universe.”

Part of the reason for this is J.J. Abrams. “J.J. Abrams is a very, very smart man,” said Tahir. “I think he realizes that there is a generation that has not grown up with Star Trek. He is smart enough to respect that and find the bridges which will keep the spirit of the original and yet freshen it up enough so that this new generation, who hasn’t grown up with it, can own it.”

According to Tahir, the acting style for Star Trek XI is different, which helps. “I think it’s grittier. It’s real, yeah. I think it’s done well.” This grittier style would favor a tougher, more competent captain over someone like the swagger-stick-carrying Captain Styles of Star Trek: The Search For Spock.

Tahir is honored to have been cast in the movie. “I think [Abrams], and I have to commend him on this, what he was trying to do was find a certain quality in the actor and just to set up the story, you know,” said Tahir. “And to me, that is refreshing, and it’s great to hear. The biggest compliment is that he was looking for a certain quality. He could have found that in me, he could have found that in [another actor]. And it just happened to be me. And … the added … layer to that is that, yeah, I happen to be of a certain descent, and … the casting was [in] the spirit of what Star Trek is about.”

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