Styling Quinto

Zachary Quinto considers himself to be metropolitan when it comes to style, but there were some bumps along the way to his more refined taste of today.

As reported by InStyle, where Quinto is this month’s “Man of Style,” the actor explained how he went though a Miami Vice fashion phase when he was ten years old. “I used to love Miami Vice,” he explained. “I went through a serious phase when I walked around dressed like Don Johnson: linen pants with an oversize blazer and no shirt.”In addition to the Miami Vice fashion phase, as a child, Quinto sported a haircut that would have been recognizable to Star Trek fans. “I was basically sporting a Spock do back then, it looked like I had a bowl haircut,” he said.

Nowadays, Quinto’s fashion tastes run more to a laid-back style. “I always try to do something a little different,” he said. I wore a navy blue Jill Sander tux with black lapels to the Golden Globes,” he said. “And I like Alexander McQueen, who brings a sense of adventure to clothes. It’s understated, but fashionable.”

What scent does Quinto wear when out and about on the town? “I use China musk oil,” he said. “And I’ve worn patchouli since high school. I know it smells like dirty hippies. But it’s like cilantro, either you love it, or you don’t.”

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