Star Trek XI Official Movie Site Dossiers Updated

Spock is the newest Star Trek XI character to receive an official dossier at the official Star Trek XI Movie site.

As reported by, several new entries have been added to the Star Trek XI dossiers page, for a total of eight dossiers in all.The new dossiers include one on Spock, one on Starfleet Academy and a dossier on the Federation.

The Spock dossier features a photo of Spock crouched down in the Transporter Room. It gives his rank, current job assignment, the fact that he is a “Grandmaster” in three-dimensional chess and gives his lineage.

The Starfleet Academy dossier shows a photo of San Francisco and provides information on Starfleet Academy, giving details on the length of officer training programs and a sample listing of Academy courses.

The United Federation of Planets explains that it is an interstellar union of advanced civilizations founded by four different species. Current membership figures are provided. The picture shown in this dossier is that of a spacedock with several ships shown docked.

There is space for eight more dossiers and once they appear, details will be provided by TrekToday.

To read more, head to the site located here.

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