Star Trek XI Actor Tidbits

With the approach of the general release of Star Trek XI in a few weeks, the actors are out and about and talking Star Trek.

As reported by, Simon Pegg (Scotty) enjoyed the London premiere of Star Trek XI and spoke about Star Trek fans. “”I love the Star Trek fan base,” he said. “They are world leaders in positivity. I’m glad so many of them are dressed up.” Pegg, who wore a kilt to the premiere, as previously reported, can relate to the urge to dress up and scolded those who would mock fans who do so. “It’s silly not to dress up and anyone who looks down on it is just cynical,” he said. “The one thing about Trekkies is that they’re out and proud. There’s no such thing as a closet Trekkie.

Chris Pine (Kirk) singled out London Star Trek fans for their enthusiasm. “”We were in Australia last week and it was far more laid-back,” he explained. “I felt like I could have a barbecue and drink a beer. The response here is great.”

Anton Yelchin (Chekov,) is waiting for two movies to come out in May, as reported by The L.A. Times. After Star Trek XI releases on May 8th, Terminator Salvation, where Yelchin played freedom fighter Kyle Reese, will arrive in the theater. Yelchin feels fortunate to have landed both roles. “I got really lucky, and I am very happy to do them,” he said. “There is a sense of responsibility, but it’s just in capturing what people appreciate about the character. No one wants to lose what made [Star Trek] last for 40 years. But then again, it might go away right now if it’s not rejuvenated…watching [Terminator] over and over now, it’s fascinating, very intense, vulnerable. It’s a layered character work that Michael Biehn did. It’s an interesting character to take and adopt to say, ‘How did they act when they were younger?’ There are different paths to the same person.”

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