Star Trek: Online History Update

Star Trek: Online has updated their history section, adding a history section for the year 2386.

As reported by Star Trek: Online, a new openness on Romulus makes information gathering easier for the Federation, but with that new information comes the realization that there are problems in the Romulan Empire.Ambassador Spock reports on the results of a multi-year study of Remus, which warns that Remus has been overmined and there is danger of a situation developing there such as developed on the Klingon planet of Praxis.

But the Romulans are loath to welcome the Remans to Romulus, and offer them another planet instead, the site of a failed Romulan colony. This planet, although rich in dilithium and other important metals and elements, has a harsh climate with constant electrical storms.

Sela, daughter of Tasha Yar, is in trouble for her intriguing and is sentenced to death, but that sentence is commuted to exile along with her supporters.

Further updates are offered concerning the Gorn, Klingons (including Worf, who marries,) Data, Grand Nagus Rom, Odo, the Bajorans and Cardassians and the Jem’Hadar.

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