Shatner Talks Comics

William Shatner has teamed with Bluewater Comics for a series of comic books based on several of his non-Star Trek novels.

As reported by, according to Shatner, it wasn’t difficult to move into the world of comics after writing novels. “I was asked if I was interested in doing comic books, and it occurred to me that I had three series of novels (Quest for Tomorrow, Man O’War, TekWar) that I had written, thinking visually all the time,” he explained. “I had adventure films in mind so that a person reading the book might visualize their own personal movie. And comics lend themselves to movie themes because the best comics have a singular theme as well. There’s a simplicity to the story, but simple stories can have a power, as we know from traditional storytelling. So my books and these comics fit well together.”The world of creating a comic was fascinating to the former Captain Kirk. “I’m intrigued by the artistry of the people who draw them, and what they are able to contain in a frame, which you really can’t do on film,” said Shatner. “A comic book artist has to tell the story with the right emphasis and yet as efficiently as possible, because you only have so many frames on a page. That’s really intriguing to me because the director of a film also has the same problem. But a comic artist has to get everyone in the frame, as well as the dialogue and have there be a kind of logic to it all. It’s complex and I find it fascinating.”

In addition to the previously-mentioned novels, Shatner is working on an original title for Bluewater. “At the moment the title is Chimera, but I don’t know how much I can tell you,” he said. “We’re planning on a release in August of this year. The writer is Andy Mangels, who’s a really terrific guy. It features an intriguing character and we’re working on the motivation of that character, which will inform us a great deal, so that’s what we’re thinking about at the moment.”

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