Saldana And Star Trek Fanatics

As other have discovered before her, Zoe Saldana has found out that being an actress in a Star Trek series or movie can lead to the occasional strange encounter.

As reported by Esquire, Star Trek XI is still a month away for most fans, but some are already well-aware of Saldana and have made their presence known to the actress who plays Uhura.“I’ve already had a [fan] come up to the door of my house,” said Saldana. “And I had a driver for another movie who brought all of his Star Trek memorabilia with him. He opened the trunk and there was this shrine. He had stacks of pictures he wanted me to sign. He ended up being the nicest guy, but it definitely freaked me out at first.”

Perhaps that male attention is due to the miniskirt that she wears as Uhura. “During the shoot it kept getting shorter and shorter,” she said.

In spite of her early experiences with a few Star Trek fans, Saldana doesn’t hold it against Star Trek fandom in general. “I’ve developed a real respect for Trekkies,” she said.

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