Quinto: Spock Woes

Looking like a certain Vulcan made it tough to blend in with the humans on planet Earth for Zachary Quinto.

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, the things that Quinto had done to himself to turn into the pointy-eared Vulcan couldn’t all be undone at the end of each shooting day. “Having to shave [the eyebrows] every day, having my hair in this horrible bowl cut, I felt sort of alienated from myself and alienated from other people,” said Quinto. “I never went out of the house without big chunky glasses on, and a hat. I tended to isolate a lot more during the process of the film.”Fortunately, once shooting for Star Trek XI ended, Quinto could return to normal and felt more inclined to rejoin the human race again. “I remember letting it all hang out and thinking: ‘I look like such a dork,’ he explained. “My hair was growing out, my eyebrows were stubbly and I didn’t care at all. It was an awakening, an emergence from something. I started going out more and having a good time.”

Unlike Leonard Nimoy‘s experience after playing Spock, Quinto doesn’t think that portraying the Vulcan will have a negative impact on his own career. “No matter how well this film is received and how favourably people take to my work in it, I’m not going to be credited with originating this role,” he said. Plus, the attention-span of people is much shorter which works in Quinto’s favor. “People are more eager to be distracted,” he said. “People get uncomfortable with settling their focus on one thing for too long. Our industry is both an example of that and to a certain extent responsible for that.”

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