Playstation Home Star Trek XI Event

J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto will visit Playstation Home for a question and answer session.

As reported by Paramount Pictures Company, at 4 P.M. (GMT) on April 20th, fan questions submitted via Twitter, uStream and CoverItLive will be answered by Abrams, Pine and Quinto at Playstation Home.Invited guests, which will include select press and bloggers from around the world, will take place in a virtual roundtable after the Q&A session. Both events will be streamed live here.

In addition, Playstation Home residents will be able to view an exclusive video greeting from Abrams. Virtual merchandise will be made available, such as Starfleet uniforms and t-shirts, and an avatar competition will be offered. Attendees to a “Star Trek Party (in Home) will be able to win exclusive merchandise and prizes. Details will be made available here.

Playstation Home is a 3D social gaming community for PS3 users who meet, chat, plan and launch games together. Users create custom avatars, decorate personal apartments, play mini-games, watch videos, shop and attend special events.

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