Pine On Stepping Into Kirk’s Boots

He may play a character that is cocky and self-assured, but Chris Pine was anything but confident at first when it came to accepting the role of Kirk.

As reported by, Pine was initially anxious as to how Star Trek fans would view his take on Kirk. “I’m only human,” he said. “Star Trek brings with it a community of fans who are protective and avid and passionate and, you know, sifting through my resume to make sure that I’m good enough to take on their character.”

It was understandable to Pine though why fans were so protective and passionate. “Shoot, I’d understand it, too,” he said. “Coming from the romantic comedy world, and having done one semi-action film, I can understand their hesitance to want to accept me into their fold.”

But he was up to the challenge, likening it to a high-stakes game of poker. “You either win really big or you lose really badly, but the ride there is that excitement, it just focuses your energy.”

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