Nokia And Verizon Launch Starfleet Academy Website

A new Star Trek XI-themed website has debuted, offering games and information about Star Trek XI and the products of the sponsors of the new website.

As seen on the Starfleet Academy website, located here, fans awaiting the release of Star Trek XI can keep busy with activities on a new Star Trek XI promotional site which offers games, a contest and downloads now, with the promise of more to come.The new promotional website has seven subsections. The “V Cast Holodeck” has Star Trek XI trailers available, and promises future Romulan videos, behind-the-scenes information and actor interviews.

The “Mobile Recreation Area” is the place to get apps or play the Star Trek Mobile Game on a mobile/cell phone. Ringtones for the cellphone can be found in the “Sensory Testing Lab,” where wallpapers and animated screensavers for the phone are also available.

The “Cadet Training Facility” is where fans can play games. One of four games is currently available, where players must get a warp coil back online before it overheats. Fans interested in hunting for Nero in hopes of winning space training and a chance for a trip to space should head to the “Enemy Combat Simulator.”

The final two areas of the webpage are the “Nokia Communications Annex,” where the Nokia 7205 phone is shown, and the “Starfleet Shuttles” area, which will ferry fans to the official Star Trek XI movie website.

The website is located here.

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