Nimoy: Star Trek XI Made Original Series Relevant Again

For Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek seemed to end with Star Trek: The Voyage Home, until J.J. Abrams gave him a call.

As reported by, most Star Trek made after the original series didn’t have anything to offer for the man who made Spock famous.
“For a long time, I felt marginalized. I thought, no, (the new Treks) have nothing to do with me,” said Nimoy. “It’s over for me. I was done. I thought I was quite done, and for many years I was.”

A call from Abrams, whose work he thought was “well done,” changed Nimoy’s mind. “I got a call from him, would I come to a meeting where I met with he and the writers and a couple of the producers,” explained Nimoy. “I was struck by the intensity of their feelings about the classic Star Trek material that we did. By their awareness of what the characters were about, and how important the characters’ development was, and how important the ideas of those shows were. I was really touched by them, very touched. In fact, it’s been reported I got misty at that meeting, and I actually did.”

“These people made me feel that what we had done in the original series was still relevant, and useful, and meaningful, and they wanted to get back in touch with that,” said Nimoy. “And that’s what brought me into the project.”

Nimoy is pleased with the final result. “The movie is big, a gigantic movie, a cinematic movie, but it also has great heart for the characters. I’m gonna tell you I cried a lot. I sat there and cried a lot, watching it. Don’t tell anybody.”

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