New Star Trek XI Film Clips

Two short Star Trek XI video clips have appeared online; one featuring Kirk and Uhura and the other Dr. McCoy.

As reported by MTV and Yahoo, the first clip offers insight into how Kirk got into a barfight. The second video clip features an angry Dr. McCoy, who meets James T. Kirk for the first time. (Mild spoilers follow.)
In the first video clip, Kirk’s obnoxious manner towards Uhura is nothing she can’t handle. “I’m impressed,” she tells him after he correctly identifies her area of expertise. “For a moment there, I thought you were just a dumb hick, who only has sex with farm animal.” “Well,” replies Kirk. “Not only.”

But not so impressed were friends of hers, who try to warn him off, but the brash Kirk is more than ready, or so he thinks, to take on any who wish to brawl with him.

The second video clip features a Dr. McCoy who is reluctant to settle down and take his seat on a shuttle. He finally complies, but lets Kirk, seated next to him, hear all about it.

To see the Kirk/Uhura seen, head to the website located here. The McCoy-Kirk clip is located here.

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