New Star Trek Toys

More Star Trek toy releases have been announced, with toys including action figures, starships, and Star Trek command chairs.

As reported by, more choices than ever are being offered to Star Trek fans who enjoy collecting merchandise associated with Star Trek and its spin-off shows and movies.Diamond Select is offering a fifth wave of action figures which are based on characters from the original series. One set offers five figures, including Kirk (in green wraparound tunic,) McCoy, Christine Chapel, Yeoman rand and a Salt Vampire (not pictured.) This set of figures can be preordered here.

USS Enterprise fans can chose between two new ship models; the NCC-1701 with lights and with original series sound effects, including the voice of Captain Kirk. A Mirror, Mirror version of the Enterprise is also being offered, with sounds and decorations taken from that original series episode. The ships can be preordered here, and are due out in August.

Fans who couldn’t afford the life-size Kirk command chair, or who didn’t have room for it in their houses or apartments, can take heart. A small replica command chair, four-and-a-half inches tall x four inches wide (11.4 cm tall x 10.2 cm wide), is being offered for a much more modest price. The Kirk command chair features lights, sounds and phrases from the original series and includes a seven inch (17.8 cm) Captain Kirk figure. The Kirk chair can be ordered here.

More of a Sisko than a Kirk fan? A command chair will be offered starting in August and based on Sisko’s command chair in the USS Defiant. The set includes the chair and the Sisko figure. Preorders are being taken here.

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