More Star Trek XI Clips Emerge

At the general release of Star Trek XI approaches, more clips have been posted online, some with new material.

As reported by, fans now have more bits of the movie as well as some behind-the-scenes footage to enjoy.

The first clip features the bar scene between James T. Kirk and Uhura, and it offers some new material at the beginning of the clip.

Clip two, “Enlist in Starfleet,” is where Kirk is urged by Pike to join Starfleet. It too has new material.

The third clip offered is the one in which Kirk and McCoy meet, and has been seen in its entirety before.

The other three clips are: one featuring Nero, one where preparations for a space jump are taking place (both of these are new,) and the clip previously released where Spock demands that Kirk “answer the question.”

The behind-the-scenes clip, approximately a minute and a half long, shows:

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