Cho: Under Pressure

Taking on the role of Sulu for John Cho meant worrying about honoring Star Trek and the fans.

As reported by Hollywood Today, it’s difficult to come in and take on the role of a character after another actor has done it. “I did feel pressure,” said Cho. “You’re doing a role that another actor did and you certainly don’t want to dishonor that. And I felt pressure to honor the Star Trekkers, the fans, to do right by them. They’re very passionate about this mythology and you don’t want to mess with that.”Cho feels that both fans and non-fans will be happy with Star Trek XI. “It’s a younger, more action-filled, more athletic version of Star Trek, so, I think both camps will be happy,” he said.

Wanting to help make Asians more visible, Star Trek XI is a dream role for Cho. “Star Trek is a classic Western,” said Cho. “Going westward, looking for new territory. But without the restrictions of race. So Star Trek is a dream role because it’s fulfilling one of my wishes as a kid.”

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