Best of Star Trek DVD Collections

Two new DVD collections featuring the original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation will be released next month.

As reported by a press release from CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment, two new “Best of” DVD Star Trek collections will hit store shelves on May 12th.Fans looking for the best episodes of both the original series and The Next Generation can get four episodes on one DVD for each of the two televised series.

The Star Trek “Best of” DVD series includes: The Trouble with Tribbles, Amok Time, The City on the Edge of Forever and Balance of Terror.

Star Trek: The Next Generation offers four “best of” episodes, including: The Best of Both Worlds Parts I and II, Yesterday’s Enterprise and The Measure of a Man.

Each set will retail for &_#36;14.99 US and &_#36;15.99 CAN. Each DVD is presented in full screen with English 5.1, Spanish mono, Brazilian Portuguese mono. Subtitles include: English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Total running time is three hours and thirty-five minutes for the original series DVD and three hours and one minute for the Next Generation DVD.

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