Austin Trek Fan Surprise Premiere

Instead of seeing Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan followed by a ten-minute preview of Star Trek XI as expected, lucky fans in Austin, Texas got their own Star Trek XI premiere, with a very special guest in attendance.

As reported by SciFi4Me, helping out someone paid off big for Star Trek fan Tom Sharp. “I thought about attending the event, but didn’t really want to stand in line, hoping for a seat to a movie I already own on DVD just for ten minutes of footage to a movie I will probably be able to get a screening pass for, anyway,” said Sharp. “And then I got an email from Jason Hunt, asking me to me the Austin correspondent for his new science fiction fan site,,” said Sharp. “I agreed, if he could get me a seat, I’d go to the screening at the Drafthouse and report back on the ten minutes of new footage.

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