Abrams: Star Trek XI For A New Generation

Making Star Trek relevant to a new generation as well as keeping the long-term fans by making an entertaining movie was the goal of Star Trek XI Director J.J. Abrams.

As reported by CineFOOLS, reaching out to the young potential fans means making Star Trek relevant to them. “The challenge is getting them in,” said Abrams. “…what I’m hoping is, cause I’m sort of like where I look at Trek as what it has been but whenever, especially when you have a kid that’s 13 and when you talk to kids around that age you realize everything is new to them. They may know Star Trek exists and what it was but it’s irrelevant what that was…the challenge that we had was selling it so it looks like a great night out, a fun and for those who care a sexy, exciting, emotional spectacle.”
“…it’s an introduction for them,” said Abrams, “so what I’m hoping is that we’ve got some great looking actors, we have some funny stuff and the visual effects are extraordinary, I think ILM did just an amazing job so what I’m hoping is that audiences that obviously were desperate to get to see this movie will be interested not because of anything having to do with what we know Star Trek to be but because they see this as “That was interesting, that was fun, they look cute” and they’ll be drawn to it on its own terms.”

Abrams obviously would like Star Trek XI to do well but is cautious when speaking about the possibility of Star Trek XII. “It’s very premature to assume that there will be another one,” he said. “If there is one, the guys I did it with, they’re like family. The cast, I can’t tell you how much fun we had working together, they were so wonderful. So I would be honored to be a part of that next step if one is required by the audience, so we’ll see. I hope that the people would like to see another one but obviously we don’t even know what the story would be yet we’ve thrown around a ton of ideas but we’re at such an early stage that it is premature to even lead to something because we don’t have anything yet.”

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