A Trek Fortune Goes To The Dogs

Shortly before she passed away, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry took steps to make sure that her beloved dogs would be taken care of when she was gone.

As reported by NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, just before she passed away, Barrett-Roddenberry added a clause to her trust that will ensure that her dogs will be taken care of in style for the rest of their lives. A four million dollar fund will take care of the precious pooches, and in addition, a million dollars has been set aside for Reinelda Estupinian, who has taken care of the dogs for the last few years.

Estupinian “did an excellent job of caring for my animals (giving them comparable or better care than that which I gave them during my lifetime,” said Barrett-Roddenberry in the written documents.

Barrett-Roddenberry’s son “Rod” Roddenberry will not suffer financially. He will receive sixty million dollars now as well as ten million dollar bonuses when reaches the ages of thirty-five, forty and forty-five.

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