Vulcan To Get Star Trek XI Sneak Peak

The logistics were just too daunting for the small town of Vulcan, Canada to host the world premiere of Star Trek XI, but Paramount was able to come up with a logical compromise.

As reported by, Leonard Nimoy‘s assistance to Vulcan paid off and three hundred of its residents will get to see Star Trek XI two days ahead of the rest of North America.A phone call from a Paramount official to Tourism Coordinator Dayna Dickens brought the news of the compromise. “It came down unfortunately to logistics,” said Dickens. “Our small-town infrastructure doesn’t allow for that type of an event to happen. So what Paramount is arranging for us is a special screening of the movie.”

Three hundred residents will be in attendance at the preview which will be held in Calgary, located about seventy-five miles from Vulcan. Paramount will cover the costs of transportation, refreshments and souvenirs. In addition, Paramount has promised a “special guest” for the premiere.

“They said, in their words, ‘it will be an event to remember,’ so we are thrilled,” said Dickens. Vulcan Deputy Mayor Rick Howard was also thrilled with the attention and the increase in tourism it generated. “Our tourism is up nineteen percent,” he said. Howard offered to let Nimoy stay on his pull-out couch if the actor ever visits Vulcan.

Nimoy released a statement, saying “I have been informed of the logical plan that Paramount Pictures and the town of Vulcan have been working on to host an advanced screening of Star Trek. The people of Vulcan have been heard, and although it is atypical for Vulcans, they are, in fact, excited. To all, live long and prosper.”

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