Star Trek XI Kelloggs Promotions

Star Trek XI goodies are being offered with the purchase of Kelloggs breakfast cereal and Pop-Tarts toaster pastries.

As reported by Kelloggs, Star Trek fans who like sweet pastries are in luck. Specially-marked Kelloggs Pop-Tarts boxes will contain a voucher that can be saved up to be exchanged for a Star Trek XI movie ticket. When five of these vouchers are collected, the fan will send them in with the official order film, and in return will receive a ticket for one free admittance to Star Trek XI at valid participating theaters.If one prefers cereal for breakfast in lieu of pastries, Kellogg has another Star Trek XI promotion for several of their cereals. Inside specially marked boxes of six different Kelloggs cereals including Frosted Mini-Wheats, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops and Rice Krispies, a Star Trek Beam-Up badge is enclosed. There are five different badges to collect: Starfleet Science, Command and Engineering, Klingon Empire badge, Romulan Empire badge.

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